TxLabz Solves Tankee’s Streaming Platform Challenge

Revolutionizing Tankee's Streaming Experience

About this project

Tankee Inc. is an Austin-based media company dedicated to the future of kids’ digital entertainment. Tankee, the company’s first offering, is a family-friendly entertainment platform that helps parents protect their kids from inappropriate online content while giving kids access to the gaming and entertainment videos they love.


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Problem Faced by Tankee

Tankee.com, a video streaming company specializing in safe and age-appropriatevideo game content for children, encountered challenges in developing a robustand secure streaming platform. They needed a solution that would offer seamlessstreaming experiences across multiple platforms, including web, iOS, and Androiddevices. Their existing infrastructure lacked the necessary capabilities to deliverhigh-quality video content to young users while ensuring safety and reliability.

TxLabz’s Solution for Tankee

Recognizing the need for a custom streaming platform, Tankee.com engaged TxLabz, a software services company specializing in mobile and web application development. TxLabz stepped into architect and build a comprehensive streaming platform for Tankee.com, addressing their specific requirements.

Here’s how TxLabz solved Tankee.com’s challenges and developed their platform:

a. Requirement Analysis
TxLabz initiated the project by thoroughly understanding Tankee.com’srequirements and vision for the streaming platform. They conductedextensive discussions with Tankee.com’s team to identify key features,scalability needs, and desired user experiences. This collaborativeapproach ensured a clear understanding of the problem and set thefoundation for a successful solution.

b. Platform Design and Architecture
Leveraging their expertise in mobile and web application development,TxLabz designed a scalable and secure streaming platformfor Tankee.com. They considered the requirements for web, iOS, and Android platforms to ensure a consistent user experience across alldevices. The architecture was designed to accommodate Tankee.com’santicipated growth while providing a reliable and efficient streaminginfrastructure.

c. Integration with JW Player CDN
TxLabz integrated the streaming platform with JW Player CDN (ContentDelivery Network) to ensure optimized and reliable content delivery tousers. By leveraging JW Player’s industry-leadingtechnology, Tankee.com could provide the best possible streamingexperience to children, minimizing buffering and latency issues.

d. Safety and Security Measures
Given the platform’s target audience of children, TxLabz prioritized safetyand security. They implemented robust content filtering mechanisms toensure that only age-appropriate and child-friendly videos were availableon the platform. Additionally, TxLabz employed stringent securitymeasures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access,providing a safe digital environme.

e.  Testing and Quality Assurance
TxLabz conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures toensure that the streaming platform met Tankee.com’s expectations. Theyperformed comprehensive functionality tests, load testing, andcompatibility checks across various devices and platforms to identify andresolve any issues before deployment.

f.  Eployment and Ongoing Support
Once the streaming platform was thoroughly tested, TxLabz supportedthe deployment process and assisted Tankee.com in launching theplatform on the web, iOS, and Android devices. They provided ongoingtechnical support and maintenance services to address any potentialissues and ensure smooth operation of the streaming platform.By collaborating closely with Tankee.com, TxLabz successfully addressed theirstreaming platform challenges. They designed a scalable, secure, and user-friendlyplatform that integrated seamlessly with JW Player CDN, resulting in an enhancedstreaming experience for children.

With TxLabz’s expertise and commitment to quality, Tankee.com was able toprovide a safe and age-appropriate video game content platform that captivatedyoung users while maintaining a secure digital environment.


  1. Enhanced Streaming Experience: TxLabz's solution resulted in a streaming platform that offered an improved and seamless experience for children, ensuring minimal buffering and latency issues.
  2. Robust Safety Measures: The implementation of robust content filtering mechanisms ensured that Tankee.com's platform only hosted age-appropriate and child-friendly videos, prioritizing the safety of its young audience.
  3. Scalable and Secure Architecture: TxLabz designed a scalable and secure architecture that accommodated Tankee.com's anticipated growth, providing a reliable and efficient streaming infrastructure across various platforms.
  4. Ongoing Technical Support: With TxLabz's ongoing technical support and maintenance services, Tankee.com experienced smooth operations, addressing any potential issues promptly and ensuring the platform's continuous functionality.

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Revolutionizing Tankee's Streaming Experience